Chemical Dilution Systems

Acid Dilution Trough

We offer a full line of chemical dilution systems designed specifically for your application. We offer Multi-Valve Distribution Modules so you get the right amount of chemical to the right location every time. If you have a Cooling Tower you know the long term damaging effects of acid feed, let our Acid Dilution Troughs start protecting your investment today. By themselves, or combined with our other products, they will get you results.

The Design Controls Multi-Valve Module is designed for metering the flow of Halogen to pasteurizer zones. Our MVM allows for visible monitoring of individual halogen feed to each zone. This also allows for easy sampling of halogen. In the event of a plugged line our unique design allows zone spillover to flow into the adjacent section and not out onto the Pasteurizer. Reducing ugly staining of the Stainless Steel units. Our modular design can be adapted to any pasteurizer design existing or new. Along with feed separation of pasteurizer “HOT” or “COLD” zones.

Multi-Valve Module is constructed of welded heavy duty CPVC plate with PVC piping and valves and corrosion resistant fiberglass stands.