Remote IIoT Cloud Monitoring

Remote monitoring, control, and alerting system integration can be challenging and time consuming, implementing new equipment and networking systems gets involved no matter the project size. We have years of experience you can leverage, offering a variety of services to help make the transition smooth. Our solutions include; Data Acquisition and Control Systems Remote Dashboarding […]

Water Softeners

Design Controls offers a wide variety of custom designed water treatment equipment, and therefore can be the sole source for all your water treatment needs. Design Controls offers custom designed Ion Exchange solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether your needs are Softeners, Dealkalizers, or Demineralizers, with or without FRP or Galvanized Skid mounting, Briner […]


Our inline turbidimeter is designed for a wide range of turbidity monitoring in various applications, being configured with a specific scale for NTU detection, offering high resolution and accuracy even in high turbidity applications commonly using suspended solid meters. This sensor is more robust and tolerant to fouling, rendering alternative turbidity sensors inferior due to […]

Storage Tanks

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tanks Tanks for Sodium Hypochlorite must be able to withstand the aggressive nature of the chemical involved. Steel vs. Fiberglass vs. Poly?Since Sodium Hypochlorite is such a poor match for steel tanks, the natural choices have been either plastic or fiberglass. Fiberglass tanks offer about the same lifespan as plastic tanks when […]


Our inline corrosion rate monitoring utilized the linear polarization resistance (LPR) method to produce a raw signal that is conditioned, amplified and digitized directly in the sensor itself. It is a valuable tool that can be easily and affordably deployed to provide both general and localized corrosion measurements quickly. Using an inline LPR corrosion sensor […]


Thermal Hydraulic Audit This unique service provides customers with an array of valuable information about their cooling water system. The service delivers three very important benefits: An evaluation of the cooling water distribution throughout the system relative to original design considerations. A process of evaluating the performance of each bundle over time. A method of […]