Chemical Control Systems

We offer a full line of microprocessor based control systems which can be used to achieve precise control of pH, ORP, Free Chlorine, Conductivity, and Dissolved Oxygen to name a few. Our ChemDACS® controllers utilize a unique Open Architecture which combines IEC 61131-1 Programmable Control, Sensor Conditioning, Process Monitoring, Data Logging and Remote Access into a single unit.

H20 Micro

Every Aquatic Facility has different chemistry challenges whether it is a Water Park, Natatorium, Municipal Pool, Spray Feature, Fountain, or Aquatic Facility. Why expect one controller to provide all of the answers? The H2O Micro’s open architecture allows for controller customization at an off the shelf price. You can control your sanitizer using PPM or ORP. If you need to feed a secondary sanitizer for Crypto, dose an enzyme or clarifier, the H2O Micro is configured to your needs. And when your needs change, the H2O Micro can be reconfigured. No need to replace the controller. For added insurance, the H2O Micro has the best warranty program of any controller available.

Chlorine Control