Sanitary Static Mixers

Koflo manufactures a complete line of sanitary static mixers. All sanitary mixers are constructed of 316L stainless steel. The mixer elements are available in two design configurations. The standard blade design is for low to medium viscosity applications. The helical design is uniquely designed for high viscosity blending and/or folding applications. Each of these mixer designs is available in 2-24 element configurations depending on flowrate and viscosity. The internal elements and housing have a #4 sanitary finish. 8 Ra (mirrorlike) finishes are available for ultra critical/pharmaceutical applications.

*Use two (2) six element mixers due to length.


  • Flavor or color addition
  • Blend fruits into yogurt
  • Blending fruit juice concentrates and water
  • Carbonate water and syrup for the beverage industry
  • Ice cream


  • Low pressure design elements
  • Low Ra finishes
  • Electropolishing
  • Corrosion resistant Alloys
  • 6″ Diameter