As a manufacturer of custom feed and control equipment, our experienced in-house fabrication team utilize industry standard and proven technologies to deliver turn-key systems designed for your unique product application.  Whether your project needs off-the-shelf purchased products, custom products and integration, fabricated customized skids or panels, custom panel builder, we will work with you to provide the best solution.

Our solutions include:

  • Wire and Cable Color Coding and Number Markers
  • Engraved Phenolic or Stainless Steel Tags
  • Electrical Wire Ferrule Termination
  • Hydro-testing, Point-to-Point Wiring Test, Functional Testing, and Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Custom labels for Equipment ID Numbers, Cautionary Labels, Fuse Sizes, etc.
  • Class 1 Division I, Class 1 Division II, and Purged Hazardous Location Panels
  • Welded Metal, Welded Alloy, Welded Plastic, and Fiberglass frames for Control Panel and Pump Skids