ORP & Redox

ORP Sensors from Design Controls are specifically designed to be low maintenance. The sensing end has a flat surface ORP sensor, providing a long life span due to its rugged construction and its flat self-cleaning surface that does not collect suspended particles. The body is constructed of Ryton which is stronger and compatible with more chemical process applications.

The reference is gel-filled and requires no pressurization. The annular reference junction is of a special design, allowing operation in processes that would normally foul a standard electrode reference. The electrodes are compatible with nearly all available ORP instrumentation.

The electroe housing is threaded on both ends with 3/4″ MNPT for inserting into the sample stream and to optionally be connected to a watertight conduit for the signal/power cable.

In addition, the newest design incorporates a detachable lead so that removal of the sensor can be made without crimping or entangling the probe cable.

Unique design features include:

  • Fast response
  • Flat self-cleaning sensing surface
  • Sealed gel-filled reference
  • Large annular reference junction
  • Compatible with most pH analyzers
  • Detachable head
  • 0°-100°C temperature range