Monitoring Systems

Portable Monitoring System

We offer a full line of portable and permanently installed monitoring systems. Each systems designed specifically for your requirements, so for whatever your data collection needs, simple data logging, pH, Chlorine, Biofouling, all the way up to our microprocessor based ChemDACS® systems, and all points between, we can give you reliable direct or remote access to your data, when you need it, where you need it.

The ChemDacs (Chemical Data Acquisition and Collection System) Portable Monitoring System provides real time local monitoring of all of the process variables described below as well as data logging of the same. Data logger has a maximum storage capacity for 45 days worth of storage and can be exported to a PC via the skid mounted RS-232 connection port. Protocol for this data is in the CSV (comma separated value) format for easy importation into Microsoft Excel.

Monitoring capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Halogen ORP analyzer for supply water and return water
  • Conductivity Conductivity analyzer for make up water and cooling tower water
  • Cycles of Concentration Calculated value of the cooling water & make up water conductivity
  • pH pH analyzer for make up water and return water
  • Temperature Temperature probe for supply water and return water monitoring
  • Temperature Differential Calculated value of the hot return water and cool supply water temperatures
  • DATS III (Deposit Accumulation Test System) online deposition monitor. Calculates heat transfer resistance
    • Water, Block and Wall Temperature
    • Flow Velocity
    • Applied Heat
    • Heat Transfer Resistance
  • Corrosion Monitoring Online corrosion monitor and a coupon rack is provided on the skid for manual monitoring of corrosion rates
  • Microbiological Monitoring Biofouling Monitor designed to provide quantitative analysis of microbiological growth via pressure differential monitoring
  • Additional Monitoring Capabilities Activities based monitoring of treatment chemical is available. Two (2) inputs are available for monitoring make up water flow and blowdown flow. The flow meter signals for these units would need to be supplied by the plant if desired.
  • Wireless Remote Monitoring Capability